We work in Animal Feed
and Livestock Industries


Technical Advice
  • We provide risk consulting, mapping and management strategies for diverse agricultural businesses.
  • Our operational advisory services cover the full agricultural value chain, feed production, animal nutrition, livestock production and business management.
  • Finally, we offer expert technical advice in handling feed-related queries, claims and complaints.
Analytical Solutions
  • Adlibio produces sampling schedules for raw material and final feed analyses, protocols, preferred analytical methods, and a list of accredited laboratories, interpreting and reporting on results.
  • While updating relevant matrices in feed formulation programmes, we analyse results to highlight risks often associated with feed, such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, moulds and Salmonella.
Raw Material Solutions
  • Due to our broad industry networks, we can advise clients on the latest available macro and micro raw material options and alternatives, risks and mitigation strategies especially in prudent use of feed additives, including in-feed enzymes, specialised feed additives and medications.
  • We utilise feed formulation software to assist customers with raw material planning, and parametric programming as a tool to determine the effect of raw material prices on usage levels.
Feed Formulation Solutions
  • Conducted from a centralised Back Office, our feed formulations are carried out by registered and experienced Animal Nutritionists, utilising software and the latest methodologies.
  • We create tailored production plants for each customer with our feed formulation software, unique raw material and feed specifications, formulas and pricing structures, applying multimix methodology and analysing material usage regularly, to optimise utilisation per plant.
  • By applying specialised raw material matrices, such as the CVB matrix, to calculate digestible nutrients in the feed formulation programme, we measure basic nutrient values such as crude protein, fat, crude fibre, ash, moisture, starches and sugars using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) or wet chemistry analysis.
Product Development
  • Adlibio also develops new products such as animal feeds and additives, premixes and speciality products, facilitating experiments, trials and product registrations.
  • In formulation of animal feeds, we also consider the effects of raw material characteristics on feed texture – specifically mash, crumble and pellet quality – continuously monitoring actual performance of formulated feeds at farm level to fine-tune and improve feeding programmes.
  • We develop the technical content for brochures, pamphlets and related product marketing materials.
Quality Control
  • Adlibio performs external quality control audits, developing and improving internal control systems and equipment used by feed and premix manufacturers in their factories, including correct raw material and hammer mill fractions, optimal feed textures and ideal moisture in poultry feed.
  • We assist feed and premix manufacturers to develop and improve the quality control systems governing incoming raw materials, processing and final product inspections.
  • We advise clients on managing NIRS to predict the nutritional value of feed samples, including applicable validations and calibrations, to ensure raw materials and final feed meet pre-set specifications.
  • In recommending preferred methods for scheduling and analysing raw material and finished product, our counsel extends to the purchasing specifications applicable for micro and macro raw materials.
Due Diligences & Market Reports
  • We keep our valued clients informed of potential market opportunities via detailed niche and mass market studies and reports.
  • On behalf of selected customers, we investigate the value and viability of target businesses, driving informed decision-making by enhancing the body and quality of information at our clients’ disposal.
Project Planning
  • We propose, plan and fully manage Greenfield and Brownfield investment projects across multiple international geographies, proposing realistic production parameters and targets when setting up project goals.
  • Our team assists in selecting suitable equipment for animal feed and livestock production, setting up procurement specifications, and obtaining quotations from potential suppliers.