We work in Animal Feed
and Livestock Industries


Technical Advice
  • Advice on a wide range of aspects related to agriculture, feed production, animal nutrition and livestock production.
  • Advice on identifying and managing the various risks associated with agricultural businesses.
Feed Formulation Solutions
  • Powerful and advanced feed formulation software is used to formulate animal feeds using the latest feed formulation methodology.
  • A client-specific ‘plant’ for each customer is created in our feed formulation software. Each of these ‘plants’ contains the raw material specifications & -prices, feed specifications, formulas and other information unique to each ‘plant’.
  • Regular raw material analysis is advocated and analytical results are used to adjust plant-specific raw material matrices on a regular basis.
  • Matrices such as the CVB-matrix are used to calculate several digestible nutrients in the feed formulation program using basic nutrient values such as crude protein, crude fat, crude fibre, ash, moisture, starch and sugar. These basic nutrient values could easily be determined on a NIRS or alternatively with wet chemistry analysis.
  • Animal feeds are formulated taking into consideration the effect of raw material characteristics have on feed texture and specifically, mash-, crumble and pellet quality.
  • The actual performance of formulated feeds is monitored at farm level.
Product Development
The following product development services and advice are offered:

  • Development of new products such as feeds, premixes, feed additives and speciality products.
  • Trials and experiments.
  • Product registrations.
  • Development of the technical content for marketing material, brochures and pamphlets.
Analytical Solutions
The following advice and services are offered:

  • Raw material- and final feed analysis and the development of sampling schedules.
  • Preferred analytical methods and accredited laboratories to be used.
  • The necessity of specialized tests to manage important feed-associated risks such as anti-nutritional factors, Salmonella, mycotoxins and heavy metals.
  • Development and implementation of sampling protocols.
  • Interpretation of analytical results and reports.
  • Effective use of NIRS technology.
Raw Material Solutions
  • Advise on different macro- and micro raw material options.
  • Advice on risks associated with specific raw materials and how to mitigate these risks.
  • Alternative raw materials for use in animal feed is continuously evaluated.
  • Advice on effective and prudent use of feed additives, including in-feed enzymes and in-feed medications.
  • Feed formulation software and Multi-Mix methodology is used to assist customers with raw material planning.
  • Parametric programming is used as a tool to determine the effect of raw material prices on raw materials usage levels.
Due Diligences & Market Reports
We assist with the following:

  • Investigating target businesses for possible business transactions. This contributes significantly to informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available for our customers.
  • Market studies and reports.
Project Planning
  • Advise customers on envisaged projects and also do project planning.
  • Advise customers on realistic production parameters and targets when setting project assumptions.
  • Assistance with the selection of suitable equipment for animal feed- and livestock production.
  • Assistance with setting procurement specifications and getting quotes from potential suppliers.
  • Planning Greenfield projects.